Scrapbooking Classes

Each Wednesday, I write a post that is from my dissertation.

Industry workers and scrapbookers occasionally take classes on scrapbooking in order to learn more. Scrapbook stores encourage their employees to take the classes that they offer either completely for free or for the cost of the supplies used in the class (but the instruction is free).

Several respondents who were only scrapbookers took beginning scrapbook classes or learned about scrapbooking during at-home parties which are often arranged in a class format. Even more advanced scrapbookers, took classes, with a couple respondents having attended Creating Keepsakes University. Some did not take classes before they began scrapbooking but did so when the time came to do a more complicated or more important project (e.g., a heritage album, where they were dealing with older photos).

Scrapbook classes are a source of scrapbooking norms. If I were conducting my interviews today, I would also ask about online classes. Online scrapbooking classes have simply exploded. Have you ever taken an online scrapbooking class? What did you think? Comment below.

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