Scrapbooking Celebrities

Each Wednesday, I write a post that is from my dissertation.

It seems only fitting that the topic of scrapbooking celebrities is the topic from my dissertation today, since I published The Five Most Influential Scrapbookers of 2010 yesterday.

Most of my respondents had no idea that scrapbooking celebrities exist. Only one of my industry workers referred to scrapbooking celebrities at all. For her, they influenced her philosophy surrounding scrapbooking. Others made a point to mention that did not purchase idea books by specific designers like other scrapbookers are known to do.

Only a handful of respondents mention scrapbooking celebrities at all. They spoke of being in awe of seeing some of these celebrities at Creating Keepsakes University. They also felt validated by the scrapbooking celebrities. In particular, one respondent talked about how because Ali Edwards does not always use acid-free materials it confirmed her own scrapbooking practice of not always using acid-free materials.

It is really only the more devoted scrapbookers who discuss scrapbooking celebrities at all, let alone actually look at them for guidance.

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